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  1. This module shows Alexa Rank widget on your joomla website.

    Features :

    ✅ It will show Alexa Rank of your website
    ✅ It is full responsive
    ✅ It works with all templates. If not support is available for help.
    ✅ It protects your content.

    Supported Platform :

    Joomla 3.x and Joomla 4.X

    Note: Any issue let me know. Joomla latest version (3.x and 4.0) tested and working great ????

    How to use :

    ✅ Just install the module and install it.
    ✅ Then it will start working.

    WhatsApp Support

    You can call me for the query before buy through WhatsApp: +8801717407376

    Tutorial :

  2. All the features of the free version - exact Google Tag Manager Placement.
    Plus these great features:
    - Article Information in the Data Layer
    - K2 Item Information in the Data Layer
    - Track User Login - with additional user information
    - Hash User Email - for unique user tracking
    Videos included to show how to use each feature.

  3. Free of charge solution for comments in Joomla™ core content (articles). Full HTML editor, fast, secure.

    Nested, full HTML comments. Comments can be nested (up to 6 levels deep). Your site’s visitors enter comments using Joomla’s configured WYSIWYG editor; no more typing in raw HTML / bbCode / Markdown or using awkward editors which look out of place. All comments are stored in your site’s database; you own your data.

    Fast, scalable and secure. Akeeba Engage is built for speed and hand-tuned to minimise the number and time of database queries. It can easily be scaled to hundreds of thousands of comments. The comments are sanitised on submission either with Joomla’s built in text filters or the widely used, audited HTML Purifier library and post-processed on display to prevent SEO issues with their included links.

    Powerful and flexible. Choose which categories or articles should have comments. Close comments per category / article. Optionally auto-close comments after a specific period of time since the article’s publish date. Comment management from the frontend and the backend.

    Prevent comment spam. Full support for Joomla’s CAPTCHA system for guest, visitor or all comments. Optional integration with the third party Akismet service, including support for definitive spam and reporting spam back to Akismet.

    Semantic and accessible. The HTML output is fully annotated with microdata using the schema, fully validated with Google’s Webmaster Tools. Both the frontend and the backend are accessible to screen readers and navigable with a keyboard – Joomla core features and third party extensions notwithstanding.

    Integrated with Joomla. Akeeba Engage uses core Joomla permissions. It comes with optional support for Joomla’s Privacy and User Actions Log features. It supports Akeeba DataCompliance.

    AMP ready. If you use wbAMP to implement Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on your site your comments will be there, fully marked up, making Google happy. Your custom CSS will be automatically included in wbAMP’s output as well.

    Customisable. Don’t like how it looks? No problem! Override its output with standard template overrides and its CSS with standard CSS overrides. We even include the SCSS sources to make it easier.

    Email notifications. Send email notifications to comment managers and article authors. Email notifications can also be sent to people when their comment receives a reply. Anyone but comment managers can unsubscribe from the notifications, satisfying privacy and email legislation around the world.

    Avatars. See who you’re discussing with. Akeeba Engage can display avatars and user profiles using the Gravatar service.


    • Comments allow for full HTML, edited using the WYSIWYG editor configured in Joomla. HTML filtering for comments either by Joomla itself or using the more robust, heavily audited HTML Purifier library.
    • Comments can be filed by logged in users or guests (configurable with Joomla's permissions).
    • Guest commenters' information can be remembered across sessions on the same browser.
    • Custom module positions for enriching the comments output without overriding the view templates.
    • Guest users can see a module or a module position to help them log in to file a comment (fully compatible with Akeeba SocialLogin).
    • Control open/closed comments, comments autoclose and comments display globally, per category and per article.
    • Comments are hierarchical, i.e. you can file a comment in reply to another comment. Avatars using the Gravatar service.
    • You can optionally require a CAPTCHA for guest comments, non-special users' comments or for all comments. You can use any CAPTCHA supported by Joomla, installed and enabled on your site.
    • Comments can be checked for spam using Akismet (paid, third party service). Notifications about comments can be sent to managers and optionally the participants of a conversation using customizable email templates.
    • wbAMP support for comments display on AMP pages (you can only file new comments and reply to comments in the full HTML view, though).
    • Fully semantic output with tagging using microdata in both HTML and AMP outputs.
    • Dark Mode support, front- and backend.
    • Integration with Joomla's Privacy (com_privacy) and Akeeba DataCompliance components for GDPR compliance i.e. data export and implementation of user content deletion.
    • Integration with User Actions, logging administrative actions taken on comments.
    • Full support for Joomla caching (Conservative and Progressive).
    • You can customize the comments display with standard Joomla template overrides.
    • You can customize the CSS used for comments display with standard Joomla media overrides. You get the full SCSS source files.

    Please note that the minimum system requirements for Akeeba Engage are higher than those for Joomla itself.

    Finally, at the time of this writing, Joomla 4 is still in beta. While we do everything humanly possible to support Joomla 4 do keep in mind that it's still under active development and things may be slightly broken. If you found a bug please do report it so we can fix it. Thank you!

  4. Phoca Top Menu module - a Joomla! CMS module which displays horizontal top menu in Joomla! administration.

    See video:

    Phoca Top Menu module is based on Admin Top Menu module created by Clifford E Ford.

    In options, theme can be set.

  5. The simplest comments package who run for every components.

    **The package contains:
    **• component for general setting, menu link to a steady site page, answer to comments
    • module form to display wherever you want (if you wont use the steady page)
    • plugin to be notified on new comment posted
    • module for administrator cpanel to display the latest comments submitted
    • quickIcon plugin

    • form sent via jQuery (reload page not necessary)
    • form shown only to specified ACL
    • custom introduction text
    • custom new comment status (published or unpublished)
    • captcha (Joomla's recaptcha plugin)
    • captcha only for specified ACL
    • custom minimum comment lenght
    • module form shown on both list and single item pages or only on item page
    • prevent twice comment by the same user
    • prevent twice comment by the same user only in the same page (user can still post comments on other pages)
    • option to remove links included in the comment
    • option to only disable links included in the comment
    • select one of 20 preset date format (if you don't find yours, just ask)
    • custom preset a steady answer title or
    • set a custom answer's title in every answer or
    • set a dynamic answer title (will automatically display the answer title if not empty or custom preset title otherwise)
    • custom listing limit (a show more button will be shown if there are more comments into the database related to that page)
    • comments loaded via jQuery (it is not necessary to reload the page to show more comments)
    • option to use gravatar (applicable to comments posted by logged in users only)
    • custom user icon size

    All customizations can be made in the backend for both component and module.

    Revolutionary documentation mode:
    you can find the documentation inside the component dashboard! Always at your fingertips, when you need it, where you need it and updated to the version you are working on!